Zach Zerr Photography


Street Scribes

I love street photography because it captures the everyday people and moments most of us take for granted. The meditation of simply being in the moment, finding ways to compose a shot in an instant that captures life we all witness but usually walk right past.

In a way street photographers are the modern day cave painters. If our work survives time it would be fascinating to have all this evidence for historians to ruminate over in the future. Imagine if we had street photographers in ancient Greece, Egypt, any ancient society you can imagine. Our understanding of the past would be so much clearer. Historians, scientist and philosophers would kill for such evidence from civilizations before ours.

I wonder what they'll think. Maybe they'll physically watch as smart phones took over the human race in less than a decade. At one point people just walked hands by their sides, looking wherever. Over time people started holding devices to their ears, or looking down at screens. Anyone can look at street photography through the years and see these kinds of changes. Now into the future more than ever. In the moment these shots are not intended for future historians, but all the same the endless files they'll have is hard to put in perspective. On the macro level I am documenting. In the back of my mind I often think about the deeper context of these shots. Not only are they eye opening possibly for future viewers, but eye opening for some people today so disconnected from the streets of their own cities.

I have to have a love for capturing these “moments” not because of future historians but because I love seeing the spectrum of variance among human beings. I love bringing daily life to media because it is so truly real and raw. Shooting on the street is a meditation for me. Drawn completely to the moment the people that usually blend in stand out and the little details highlighted. I shoot places for what they really are. Lots of people like to show you what is beautiful, I'll always show you what is real.