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New Years 2018

Though many would argue that having you're birthday fall between Christmas and New Years is unlucky, there is one part of it I wouldn't trade for the world. My resolutions tend to be fueled by the natural philosophical look one takes at one's self when hitting the year older mark. Even those of us that strive to live in the moment are afflicted by thoughts that come with getting older. The where am I now and where am I headed more prevalent than ever. Yet the where have I come from reflection is one you can't help but take either – as insignificant as it may be.

When I look back at the last couple years I honestly can hardly fathom how much has changed, how much progress comes with getting older. The things I'd tell my 18-year-old self if I could, and yet I can't help but feel that self completely irrelevant. The mindset and focus have shifted, and the drive to be consistently successful in everything I do as prevalent as ever. The use in reflecting here is simply to look back and be thankful for how far I've come and become eternally more grateful for the amazing moment that is now.

So, a year older going into 2018 I am excited, actually ecstatic, at the possibility of what is to come. Taking my photography a step further professionally, as well as my writing isn't a resolution, it is something I'll be using the year to do. In 2018 with information constantly at our fingertips, it is simply too easy to learn and develop just about any skill you'd want to learn. Not utilizing this ability is becoming increasingly inexcusable, its hard not to improve anything you put the effort into. That being said, especially based on what I did last year there is simply no way I won't be taking both my writing and photography to the next level. Doing more professional work, as well as expanding my technical ability in both fields. Becoming a better editor, starting with my writing. Using an 85mm lens for portrait work – both things I am already in the process of doing. Each an on paper goal I can achieve, but in my mind, I visualize doing so much more. 

Resolutions are usually hopeful goals we forget about by June. So I try to avoid those and simply do – but goals are important, without them complacency sets in without warning. So, set in stone as my “resolution” if you will is that I begin meal prepping a healthy – high calorie – meal that I can eat 4-5 times a week that is both healthy and organic, as well as ethical to whatever animals may be involved. Avoiding needless sugar by way of treats is another one, but I practically need someone following me with a cattle-prod calling me a fat-boy to stick to that so no promises there.

Beyond myself, I'd like to simply put out positive vibes, strive to have as many positive interactions with people as I can next year. As much negativity as there is portrayed on all types of media I'd like to stick out in people's minds as a moment in their day where humanity wasn't so horrible. As much as an introvert as I am, when out and about it is undoubtedly important to recognize the chaos of being human that everyone is so constantly caught up in, and do what we can to make a positive difference. 

Ultimately, just being more conscious of the moment, and being able to enjoy that moment is the motto for 2018. Everything else will flow from that.

Happy New Year my friends,

Thanks for spending a few of your moments viewing my art, I am blessed to be able to write, and photograph and I am so grateful to be producing work that people appreciate.


Namaste friends