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Denver Mornings

Downtown Denver is a sleepy spectacle before 9 am. The energy of people in transit pulses through the growing city but not much is happening. Crack dealers on the steps of the capital make their first sales before 8 am. Cops attempt

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The Modern American Depression

Back in the 30's Dorothea Lange captured iconic images of the American Great Depression. Now, in 2018, kids may glance at these shots in art and history class but nearly 100 years removed it is hard to connect with a time many can't fathom. Nobody gives much thought to the current climate, socially, economically. Throughout the United States, you can find divisions in nearly every city. An invisible line that separates the blessed from the damned.

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Bacon in Blue Suits

If you ever visit Denver, make sure you take a trip to Cap Hill and Colfax to see what the city truly is. The parks between the capitol building and the courthouse are littered with vagrants, travelers, crackheads, crack-dealers, prostitutes and really just a wash of everyone society didn't want.

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